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Eliminate Hand Strain during Cattle Drenching

Eliminate Hand Strain during Cattle Drenching

Few methods of delivering a medication or supplement to livestock are more “sure-fire ” than oral drenching. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that each and every beast has received the full and correct dose. However, when it comes to drenching cattle, the large volumes needed for many oral products can make the job very physically demanding if the farmer is using a manual drench gun.

If you are then repeating the strain of delivering such a large dose many times ( as is often the case for many of our customers with larger numbers of cattle), you could end up with some serious long term damage to your hand and wrist.

This is where the new Te Pari Revolution Drench Gun, available in Australia from Think Livestock, can really make a huge difference.

The Revolution Drench Gun, is electronic and 100% battery powered, meaning that the operator only has to press a button once to deliver a dose of up to 99mL. Louise and Alan Kelly, who have used the gun with their cattle had this to say.

Just like to pass our thanks onto you regarding the Te Pari gun. It has become invaluable to us as part of our health programme for any cattle on the place. As we administer a high volume oral dose the biggest challenge we found using standard guns was the arm soreness from manually reloading and guns failing. We use it for a combined molafos or molasses, water, apple cider vinegar and organic minerals. The cattle do so well on this and giving a measured oral dose meant that we knew each animal had a definite dose, so we were reluctant to withdraw it. Just 2 days ago we used this for a load of cows. We were able to use a dosage of 297mL with absolute ease. We used standard guns for a low dosage pour on and oral fluke. Our worker absolute loves the gun. It works well with the standard Phillips hook, cleans up easily. Many thanks Dave and luck at Henty.

Cheers Louise & Alan.

So in summary, high volume treatments x a large number of animals = very sore hands and wrists. If this is something you have experienced yourself in the past, why not take a page out of the Kelly’s book? Eliminate hand strain the Revolution Drench Gun today!

For more information, please visit this articles web page. *** link to Te Pari G10 Drench Gun

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