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HSW Premium Range Applicators

HSW Premium Range Applicators

If you want your vaccinators, drench guns and injectors to last, Think Livestock now has a range of high-end applicators from German manufacturer Henke-Sass Wolf. These guns are made to meet the tough standards of the European market and all share the following features:

  • Tough Manufacture- HSW Premium Applicators are all made from the rugged materials such as stainless steel. pressure cast aluminium and high- grade proprietary plastics.
  • Precise Delivery- The accuracy of guns in thes range is 98% or greater.
  • Innovative Features- Many applicators in the HSW Premium Range utilize innovative design features, such as twin o-rings on the Drench-Matic Drench Gun, the ‘Break-proof’ plastic barrel on the Multi-Matic Injector, or the precision-ground piston on the Uni-Matic Vaccinators.
  • Spare parts available- All applicators in the HSW Premium Range have spare parts available from Think Livestock at all times.

If you’re a farmer who hates wasting time or money on cheap applicators that don’t last, please take a look at the products listed below for more detailed information.

HSW Vet-Matic Vaccinator
HSW Multi-Matic Injector
HSW 23ml Drench Gun
HSW 10ml Drench Gun/ Injector
HSW Ferro Matic 3ml

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