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Select Series Water Dosing Systems

Select Series Water Dosing Systems

The Select Series of Wate Dosing Systems are designed to help take the guesswork out of water consumption and assist in better managing your dosing program.


  • All standard models of Select Doser feature a peristaltic pump, providing laboratory level precision for all types of dosing applications.
  • No contact between the pump and the additive being dosed, allowing the Select Dosers to be used for aggressive chemicals such as acid or chlorine.
  • Flexible software options are available for the Select Doser, including custom dosing ratios programmed by Think Livestock on request.
  • Replaceable pump tubes drastically reduce the cost of preventative maintenance.
  • Truste Repair Service- All Select Dosers can be quickly and efficiently maintained by our skilled repair techinicans.

There are many different models of Select Doser available, to suit your specific on-farm requirements. Please take a look through some of the standard options listed below.

For more information, please visit this articles web page.

Select 640 Doser with VTY10 sensor

Select 480 Doser with VTY10 sensor

Select G5 Doser

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