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Think Livestock provides liquid strring equipment for dosing a range of chemicals such as minerals, medicines, chlorine and fertilisers into water.

The Spinstir liquid stirrers use a magnetic follower positioned in a bucket of chemical solution. When in operation a motor inside the box causes the magnet to circulate at great speed, consistently stirring the solution.

Spinstir 6-240- Water Dosing Equiments for stirring up to 20 litres

This is the smallest fo the Spinstir units. It is suitable for stirring total solution volumes of up to 20 Litres. This unit can also be supplied in a 12 Volt version for use when mains power is unavailable. This 12 Volt version is only available as ordered.

Spinstir 10-240 to stir up to 100 litres

This is the larger of the Spinstir models and is capable of stirring volumes of up to 100 litres. It is sometimes the better choice when dosing materials that require a bigger volume of water to keep in solution.

Spinstir 15-240 to stir up to 200 litres

This is the largest model Spinstir and is capable of stirring volumes of up to 200 litres. If it absolutely essential to use a very large volume of water in your application, the Spinstir 15-240 is the best choice available. This model of Spinstir is only available as ordered.

The Spinstir liquid strring equipment is an economical and effetive way to dose material in the agricultural industry. Please take a look a the products listed below for more information on the specific models of Spinstir.

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Spinstir 6-240V

Spinstir 10-240V

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