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Tick Pour on Guns

Tick Pour on Guns

We have received regular requests from Farmers in the Northern states, to provide a Pour-on Gun that actually stand up to Tick Pour-on products. These products, the growth regulators containing fluazuron specifically, are very hard on equipment and will not work with most standard applicators. To provide a solution for this problem, we worked with two of our manufacturing partners overseas to come up with two options for use with fluazuron tick pour-ons.

The first is a manual applicator, the Drench-matic (pictured on left). Specially fitted with high-grade silicone tubing and a showerhead nozzle, this gun is the only manual pour-on gun in our range that is recommended for these products. It is made from pressure-cast aluminium and stainless steel, and is designed to last for years. If you are looking for a manual gun, this is the best option.

The second option is our is new Revolution Drench Gun (pictured on right). This has been tested with Tick Growth Regulators at our facility in Bendigo, and is compatible for use with these products right out of the box. It’s also powered ( battery operated) gun,so if you are doing large numbers of cattle it is the BEST choice for the job.

Both products can be found at the page links below.

HSW Tick pour on Gun
Te Pari G10 Drench Gun

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