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New pink eye vaccination equipment from Think Livestock

Think Livestock are pleased to introduce new vaccination equipment for improved application and to help reduce the occurrence and severity of pink eye in cattle.

The dose rate of pink eye vaccination required is 2 mL, presented in 100 mL glass bottles, and vaccination is recommended 3 to 6 weeks prior to the expected onset of pink eye season.

Based in Huntly Victoria, Think Livestock attend numerous field days throughout the year and are regularly asked by farmers at the shows to provide new vaccination equipment solutions.

Farmers have regularly asked Think Livestock to recommend a suitable applicator for this vaccine and have clearly indicated a number of features that they require.

  1. They require a gun where the bottle can be fitted on top of the gun instead of having draw off tubes that are used on conventional vaccinators
  2. The vaccination equipment needs feature a quick load and unload for the bottle of vaccine
    The bottle holder needs to hold the bottle securely.
  3. Some farmers have also been concerned about self vaccination, so they wanted to be able to add a retractible sleeve safety device to the front of vaccination equipment.
  4. Think Livestock offers a choice of several styles of bottle mount vaccinator, all of which have the features required. By adding the Sterimatic safety device to the bottle mount guns, the safety requirements are also met.

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HSW Eco-Matic Bottle mount vaccinator
MasterLine Quick Fit Bottle Mount Vaccinator F-Grip
MasterLine V-Grip Vaccinator
MasterLine Quick Fit Bottle Mount Vaccinator V-Grip
MasterLine Vaccinator F-Grip
HSW Eco-Matic vaccinator

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