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Pig vaccination made simple

Pig vaccination made simple

Intensive Australian swine farming operations on both small and larger scale farms include pig vaccinations or treatments that need to be carried out regularly, many of which are given to younger pigs. This means large numbers of shots are required to treat entire litters of pigs, a process which can be both time consuming and labour intensive.

Piglets usually receive an iron injection within the first few days of life. Furthermore, many farmers also vaccinate for prevention of pneumonia, and others vaccinate their weaner and or grower pigs with combinations of Erysipelas and Leptospirosis vaccine to prevent these diseases in the grower herd later on in life.

Most of the above pig vaccines and treatment products are supplied in either glass bottles or vials. Many of the vaccines for sows are also presented this way too.

In the past, farmers administered these pig vaccines with a single dose syringe, filling the syringe, delivering the dose to an individual piglet, then refilling the syringe.

As farms got bigger, this practice changed to a more efficient method. A “draw off tube” was connected to the vaccine container and a multi dose vaccinator. The vaccine was hung around the neck of the operator, and the vaccinator delivered shots until the container was empty.

Once again a better solution is now available from Think Livestock . Think Livestock now offer a complete range of bottle mount vaccinators, in two different brands, Primatech or Masterline.

Both of these are multi dose vaccinators, which automatically refill to a correct dose each time the trigger is released. There are no “draw off” tubes needed with this bottle mount vaccinator system, because the vaccine or treatment flows straight from the container and into the gun.

The many advantages of using bottle mount vaccinators include:

  • no draw off tubes to get caught on objects in the pen or dragged off the vaccinator gun by the pigs
    much quicker to unload bottles and replace them when the container is empty, especially when using the “fast fit” attachments
  • much easier to pick up and put down if multiple treatments are required for the same piglet (iron administration, teeth and tail docking for example)
  • much less chance of the vaccinator sucking air, because no tubing is involved.

Finally, there are two different ways that a vaccine pack can be connected to a bottle mount vaccinator. Firstly, bottle mount vaccinators can use a “conventional bottle mount attachment”, which allows the operator to push the vial onto the draw off spike on the gun and then screw the collar down until it’s tight. Collars are supplied in 3 sizes, 20mm, 30 mm and 33 mm, which covers the full range of options for all Australian swine products on the market.

Secondly, bottle mount vaccinators can use the fast fit bottle attachment. These are very easy to load and unload. The bottle or vial is just pushed onto the spike on the top of the gun and the attachment clicks in to hold the bottle in its position. It is easily unloaded by pressing on the wings at the side of the fast fit. These fast fits attachments are available in 3 sizes for Primatech brand (a 100mL fast fit w/ 20mm cap, 250mL fast fit w/ 30mm cap, and a 250mL fast fit w/ 33mm cap), or in just the 100mL x 20mm size for Masterline vaccinators.

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