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Veterinary Needles from Think Livestock

Stainless Steel Reusable Needles 12 Pack, HSW  Disposable Needles in boxes of 100, HDN and DTN Process Detectable Needles in boxes of 100, Ideal Process Detectable Needles in boxes of 100

Vaccination Equipment

Think Livestock supply a very broad range of veterinary needles to cover almost all veterinary applications. All vaccination needles supplied have standard Luer lock fittings which fit onto all the most common brands of multi dose vaccinator and single dose syringes.
In most cases there are a variety of needle lengths offered in each needle gauge. Needle lengths vary from ¼ inch to 1.5 inch, and gauges vary from 14 gauge (thickest needle) to 22 gauge (finest).

These veterinary needles are used at some stage in virtually all types of animal farming. Because of the wide range of needle lengths and gauges, they are suitable for sheep, cattle, horses, goats, pigs and Alpacas.

Process Detectable Needles

Process detectable needles like the HDN, DTN and Ideal brands are particularly suited to intense farming operations like pig farms and cattle feedlots. Quality assurance and food safety standards recommend using these types of needles which can easily be detected in meat using metal detectors.

Ideal Process Detectable Needles

Think Livestock’s HDN and Ideal brands of veterinary needles are supplied from the USA. Intensive farming operations like cattle feedlots and larger pig farms often prefer to use process detectable needles.

In the event of a needle breaking off during treatment, Ideal process detectable needles are easy to detect with a metal detector either at the farm or at the abattoir. Virtually all other types of needle are not detectable in this way.

HDN and Ideal process detectable needles are supplied in boxes of 100, but each needle is sterile and individually packed inside its own plastic container inside the box.

In some meat exporting countries it is already a mandatory requirement to use these process detectable types of needles for animal treatments.

The veterinary needles are used to fit onto all of Think Livestock’s own vaccinators and syringes. They also fit onto most of the other brands of applicators on the Australian market.

Stainless Steel Veterinary Needles

The stainless steel needles that Think Livestock supply are from the highest quality brand. They are sharp and strong and far less likely to bend or break than some of the lower quality brands that have found their way onto the market.

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HSW Disposable Needles

The HSW brand needles are sterile individually packaged disposable needles within boxes of 100. They cover some of the more unusual sizes sometimes not available in other brands.

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Disposable Syringes 10 units
Disposable Syringes 100 units
Disposable Syringes 1 Unit

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