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African Swine Fever: Biosecurity Measures

african swine fever

There is no vaccine nor any treatment against African Swine Fever virus. The only way to prevent any contamination is to ensure integrity of biosecurity measures.

What biosecurity measures should be set-up to protect against African Swine Fever?


  • Do not introduce in the farm any pork meat product, sandwich, cold or cooked pork meat…..
  • All incoming pigs should pass through quarantine.
  • Physical or virtual barrier should be set up all around the farm and clearly visible.
  • Protect farm entrance for any wild animal especially wild boar.
  • Limit all visits, including those of technicians. During necessary visits, ensure compliance with strict biosecurity rules:
    • Shower
    • Single-use disposable clothing, or clean farm clothing
    • Use of foot bath at each room entrance
    • Respect common sense principles about one way traffic through the farm.
  • Park vehicles on the very edge of the farm, and don’t allow them to come in.
  • Respect the dead zone and carcass storage.


  • Spray wheels (the entire circumference), mudguards and underside of trucks with a disinfectant active against ASF virus at low temperature (TH5, TH4+) whenever entering and leaving the farm.
  • Ensure that truck drivers going to farms wear single-use disposable clothing, changed at each farm, then left at the site (overalls, over boots).
  • Order a cleaning with detergent. Detergent (DETERSTORM NF) maximizes disinfectant action and removes organic matter which can reduce disinfectant efficacy. A good foam will permit to see clean areas and maximize contact time between product and organic matter.
  • Use a disinfectant that has proved against the virus causing the African Swine Fever. Care must be taken to apply the right dose of disinfectant, which must be effective at low temperatures (TH5 or TH4+ is effective against ASF virus and stable at low temperatures).

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Deterstorm NF, TH5 and TH4+ are products of Theseo, imported exclusively by Mediralis and distributed by Think Livestock on their behalf.

TH5 and TH4+ are not yet available in Australia