Vaccinators are offered in a number of choices of style and sizes by Think Livestock. When we talk about vaccinators, we are normally referring to a variety of “tube-feed” vaccinators, where the vaccine is connected to the gun via a draw-off tube. The draw-off spike is fitted onto the rubber stopper on the vaccine container, and the other end of the tube is fitted onto the inlet of the vaccinator gun.

A key feature of ALL of the vaccinators in our range is that they feature a metal needle nut. Many of the “disposable” vaccinators that you’ll see on sale elsewhere have a plastic needle nib which is easy to break off if an animal moves during vaccination.

As you review our offering you will see that in some cases it is possible to convert a “tube feed vaccinator” into a “bottle mount vaccinator”. This is useful if you need to change configurations for different tasks.

We offer spare parts and service kits for a number of our products.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results