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380 Doser

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This versatile doser can be used as a proportional doser taking a pulse from a standard water meter, or pulses from standard Dosing Solutions flow sensors. Dosing into line pressures of up to 5 bar (70 psi), it is the ideal doser for water treatment.

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Product Description

Select 380 Doser

The Select 380 Doser is a proportional, peristaltic dosing pump that is suitable for use in a wide range of agricultural applications.

  • Great for low volumes of additive- Can pump up to 4.7 litres per hour of additive into the water line.
  • Works with mid-level pressures of up to 70 p.s.i ( 5 bar).
  • Works with standard water meters- The Select 380 can be connected to standard K1 or K10 water meters to obtain its water flow information.
  • Also works with our range of precision flow sensors- Our sensors are more precise and will allow the 380 Doser to achieve laboratory precision in its dosing.
  • Simple- Easy to install and use.
  • Accurate- Like all peristaltic pumps, the Select 380 is highly accurate. This is essential when adding certain sensitive products (urea, some trace elements, chlorine) into drinking water.
  • Versatile- Can be used with a number of pre-programmed ratios.
  • Service Back up- The Select 380 Doser is covered by Think Livestock’s repair service

Link to 380 Technical Data sheet:

Technical Data Sheet

Link to 380 instructions.
380 Instructions
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Changing Orange Tube. click here for instructions.

Link to manufacture web site: https://dosingsolutions.com/

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