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High-quality, concentrated product; for efficient and cost-effective acidification.

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A stronger acid blend for pH reduction.

Bio-pH is the first in Think Livestock’s range of acid products for Pigs and Poultry. It is a high-quality, concentrated product; for efficient and cost-effective acidification.



Bio-PH can be added to the water at a lower rate than other acid blends on the Australian market. In many cases, a ratio of 1:3000 is enough to reach a pH of less than 4. This has several benefits:

  1. Lower product cost (per animal) and freight costs.
  2. Low addition rates mean lower wear-and-tear on dosing equipment (for example, our Select Dosers).
  3. 25 litres of Bio-pH lasts longer, so less time is spent handling drums.


Bio-pH is produced by Bio-Link, who have years of expertise in hygiene and biosecurity. Key hygiene benefits of Bio-pH are:

  1. Formulated using formic acid to remove and dissolve biofilms without clogging drinkers.
  2. Effectively controls limescale in water lines.
  3. Efficiently reduces water pH to less than 4.

Hard Water

Finally, Bio-pH is one of the very few acid blends in Australia that works effectively in hard water. This is important in several key pork production areas of Australia.

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