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Product Description

Flubenol 5% is an oral worm treatment, active against gastrointestinal worms in poultry.  It kills every worm known to poultry including gapeworm, large roundworm, small roundworm, hairworm in crop and small intestine and tapeworm.

This product is a breakthrough worming product in Australia, as it has NO withholding period for meat and eggs, plus fertility and hatchability is not affected.  Only a tiny amount is needed, which is mixed into their feed and fed out for seven days.  Treatment with Flubenol can only give optimum results when hygiene is strictly followed in pens and houses.

Dosage Rate:

Flubenol should be mixed thoroughly into dry feed and fed out for 7 consecutive days.  Estimate how much feed is normally consumed in 7 days (normally calculated at 120g feed per standard chicken) and mix in 1 teaspoon per 5kg of feed.  If the medicated feed is consumed before the week is up, make up another batch and continue until finished.  There is no risk of overdosing.  Feed out in an appropriate feeder.  Do not throw feed on the ground.

In case of infestation with tapeworm, double the dose.  For first time dosing, use the double dose rate to ensure all worms present are killed and repeat the single dose two weeks after the first treatment is completed.  Thereafter, treat every three months or sooner if worms are detected, though worm infestations are not always obvious.

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