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Gator XL Water Medicator

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The Gator XL is a very simple, rugged and reliable set rate chemical dosing pump. It is powered by the water supply so no electricity is required.

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Product Description

Gator XL Water Medicator

The Gator XL is a very simple, rugged and reliable set rate chemical dosing pump. It is powered by the water supply so no electricity is required. The Gator is used in diverse farming situations where a set ratio of chemicals, additives, vitamins and minerals, acids, fertilizers and even chlorine need to be added to the water.

Key advantages of the Gator XL are:

  • Water powered – No electric power is required to operate the Gator, only enough water pressure available and a running water supply to add chemicals into.
  • Set ratio of 1:100 – Easy for calculations. For example, a Gator set up on a stock trough might have 1,000 litres of water go through it in a day. Because the ratio is 1:100, it means the Gator will have pumped 10 litres of additive in that day. If 2,000 litres passed through the Gator, it will add 20 litres of additive
  • Chemical bypass – Keeps the chemicals out of the main motor chamber and delivers them into the water line after the unit. Only the chemical pump is ever in contact with the additives. 90% of maintenance for the Gator can be completed on the farm and is usually confined to the chemical pump parts. Other dosing machines, which don’t offer this bypass feature, require constant maintenance and repairs.
  • Factory trained repairer – Think Livestock has staff trained at the Gator factory (in Florida USA). If major repairs are ever needed, they can all be done (quickly) at Think Livestock. We can even offer a loan unit while your Gator is being repaired, but most repairs will be in and out of our premises on the day we receive the unit!
  • Heavy Duty Construction – The Gator will operate at pressures up to 120 PSI (most competitive models run from 50 – 100).
  • Modular in design – The Gator has been designed incorporating 21st century technology so that internal parts can be easily replaced.
  • Finally, the Gator is very competitively priced and parts (when required) are cost effective too.

Spare Parts List and Diagram

Click here for: Gator Parts List & Diagram

How it works:

Running water going through the machine drives a large internal piston up and down. This piston in the water motor (driven) part of the machine is connected to a much smaller piston in the chemical pump (slave) part of the Gator. Both pistons run up and down at the same speed, and can either speed up, slow down or even stop completely as the speed of the water flow increases, slows down or stops. The slave piston pumps chemicals, always at a set rate of 1 to 100, and adds those chemicals to the running water supply downstream (on the outlet side of the main Gator working parts).

Click here for information on : How to calculate stock solutions for the Gator

Gator Specifications Model 8001

  • Weight 2.5 kg dry, or 3.4 kg gross weight for shipping
  • Unit has 2 inch (50 ml) inlet and outlet.
  • Maximum Pressure 120 PSI (8 bars)
  • Minimum pressure 3 PSI (0.2 bars)
  • Maximum water flow 2300 Litres/hour each unit
  • Minimum Water flow 7.5 litres/hour

Pressure Differential Across Unit

  • 15 PSI (1 bar) at 2300 litres/hour
  • 10 PSI (0.7 bar) at 1700 litres/hour
  • 5 PSI (0.3 bars) at 1100 litres/hour
  • Chemical feed ratio 1/100 (1%)

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 68 × 26 × 17 cm


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