Normite Insect Control

Nor-Mite Liquid 1L

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Effective at repelling many insect species.

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Product Description

A Natural, Effective Alternative to Chemical Insect Control.

Introducing Nor-Mite liquid, an innovative new insect control product, available in Australia exclusively from Think Livestock.

Chemical Insect Control Products

• High cost of application e.g. labor, equipment, etc.
• Often pose WHS Risks
• PPE is almost always required
• Often have environmentally toxic effects.
• May have Side Effects on Stock, (such as accidental poisoning or contact
• Application is often highly stressful on Stock
• May leave Residues in final product.
• Rapid development of resistance with routine use.

Nor-Mite Liquid

• Effective at repelling many insect species
(Flies, mosquitoes, litter beetle, …)
• Also repels tenebrio larvae.
• No environmental effects.
• Certified in EU for organic farming use
• No withdrawal period.
• No residues in final product.
• No known resistance
• Minimal handling and, as such, no WHS risks or
PPE requirements.
• As it is excreted by the animals, spreads the
repellent effect throughout your farm.

• Easy application through drinking water.
• 1:10,000 dilution rate.
• Offers a high level of strategic control over your
pest management.