Nor-Grape 80

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Product Description

Nor-Grape 80

The only antioxidant that can optimize vitamin E and vitamin C

Nor-Grape 80 is a standardized grape extract, rich in polyphenols. It is a very potent feed additive with a number of useful properties in animal production.


  • Extremely Powerful and highly absorbable.
  • Vital tool in the management of Heat Stress.
  • 1 gram of Nor-grape 80 = 11 grams of vitamin E as antioxidant
  • 1 gram of Nor-grape 80 = 25 grams of vitamin C as antioxidant
  • Less than 18 grams is required per tonne of feed
  • Suitable for use in organic farming (subject to approval by certifiers)
  • Resuscitates and protects Vitamin E.
  • Resuscitates Vitamin C.
  • Resuscitates intra-cellular enzymatic antioxidative complexes (eg. GPx, GSH, Reductase).
  • Suitable for use in Pigs, Poultry, Aquaculture, Beef Cattle, etc.


Manufacturer’s Website: Nor-Feed