Sano-O2 Chlorine Dioxide Tablets


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Product Description

Sano-o2 Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant

Sano-O2 is a chlorine dioxide water disinfectant, provided in an effervescent tablet form. It’s a good fit for farmers who need a robust treatment option, especially if it is difficult to use a dosing pump on site.

Some features include:


Sano-O2 is supplied in an effervescent tablet form for easy dispersal in all types of water systems.


A single 4 gram tablet in 1 litre of water generates 400ppm (0.04% w/w CLO2 solution)


Chlorine Dioxide is a broad-spectrum disinfectant effective against:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • protozoa
  • algae
  • spores.


Leaves no taste or odour in the water (when used at recommended rates)


Can be used for both ongoing water treatment and terminal line cleaning. Suitable for use in all water types.

Available Pack Sizes:

Sachet of 125 tablets

Box of 1000 tablets

Additional Information

Pack Size

Box (1000 tablets), Sachet (125 tablets)