Select 480 Doser with VTY 10 Flow Sensor

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Select 480 Doser with VTY10 Flow Sensor

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The classic Select Doser model is suitable for dosing acids, chlorine, medication and all other product that need to be added proportionately to the water flow.

The Select 480 Doser is a unique and innovative water dosing system designed for use in agricultural and other situations where products including vaccines, vitamins, minerals, chlorine, soluble fertilizers or other solutions are dispensed into water proportionately to the flow. The Select Doser helps take the guesswork out of water consumption to help you better manage your dosing system

Precision Water Management

Using a computer programmed peristaltic pump, the Select Doser compresses a soft tube to move solutions into watering systems.

It accurately and uniformly administers the proper water/product ratio.

  • Select Doser performance yields highly accurate dosages all the time.
  • Accuracy is 95+ percent, superior to more variable water or electric pumps that can wear out, especially if dispensing aggressive materials.
  • Precise dosing results in fewer health problems and faster gains in animal operations.
  • Long lasting with minimal maintenance required. Unclipping the used tube and inserting a new one effectively renews the pump.

The Select 480 Doser can be programmed to dispense product into watering systems by choosing from one of 13 preset ratios. (If you can’t find the ratio you want we can install a new ratio for you!) The standard range is between 1:33 (3%) and 1:6000 (0.0167%) in 13 stages and covers all normal dosage ratios used in drinking water systems.

  • You have the option to customise and add additional ratios to meet your needs (no extra charge).
  • Use 1 of 4 different sized, colour coded pump tubes for the range of dosages.
  • Total water consumption and current water flow are displayed on the monitor.
  • A ‘meter only’ feature allows the Select 480 Doser to act as a water meter when dosing is not required.

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