Single-dose Bottle Protection System

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Contain Collar & 1 x steri cap

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Product Description

Sterimatic Bottle Protection System

If a dirty needle is used to withdraw from a bottle it may:

  • Contaminate bottle contents
  • Cause infection and abscesses at the injection site
  • Transmit disease between animals

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To reduce these risks the Sterimatic Stericap and collar can be used.

How it works:

  • The Sterimatic bottle collar is fitted over the neck of the bottle
  • The Stericap is fitted onto the bottle collar
  • The twist seal on the Stericap is removed and the needle is introduced vertically into the Stericap through into the bottle.

As it passes through the Stericap, the needle is swabbed and disinfected, preventing contaminants being introduced into the bottle. Injection liquid is withdrawn into the syringe.

  • The needle is withdrawn from the bottle, and is again swabbed and coated with disinfectant to ensure hygienic delivery into the animal

Typical Packs – for up to 100 injections to be used within 3 days


20mL cap

30mL Cap

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Weight 0.010 kg

20mm, 30mm


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