Sterimatic 500 Dose Kit with Green Sleeve

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Sterimatic 500 Dose Kit with Green Sleeve(24mm injection)

Multi dose System

Watch this animation:

During mass vaccination of livestock where needles are re-used, several problems may occur:

Disease transmission between animals

Abscesses and infection from bacterial contamination

Needle stick injuries to the user

To reduce these risks the Sterimatic Multi Dose System can be used.

Here’s how it works:

Assemble the needle and syringe as usual and then attach the Sterimatic sleeve.

Immediately the retractable sleeve protects the needle and also reduces the risk of needle-stick and scratch injuries

Insert the Stericap into the sleeve and remove the twist tab. Now inject as normal

When the Stericap is pushed against the skin of the animal the sleeve retracts

The needle passes through the Stericap and is automatically swabbed and disinfected on its way into the animal. The dose can then be delivered at the correct depth. As the needle is withdrawn the sleeve retracts. The needle passes back through the Stericap and is cleaned again, seconds later the needle is ready for the next injection

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