Te Pari V10 Revolution Injector

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Product Description

Te Pari V10 Revolution Injector.

Key Features:

  • The gun is supplied standard with a 14ml barrel, small drenching nozzle and the injector nib combined with a handy carry case.
  • The ‘Statistics’ buttons shows the number of delivered doses and volume of product use.
  • The Menu button allows you to alter the delivery and refill speed to suit the product and conditions.
  • An Alarm indicators the dose is complete.
  • Multi Dose setting. When this setting is turned on the user selects the dose amount and the gun automatically limits each individual dose to 10ml or less to comely with Beef Quality Assurance standards.


  • Barrel Size: 14ml, Dose Accuracy: +/-0.2ml
  • Dose size: 0.1ml – 28ml
  • The 14ml barrel is incremented 1ml – 9.9ml in 0.1ml steps and 10ml – 28ml in 0.5ml steps. ( 14ml or more in 2 shots)


  • Reduces repetitive hand strain and injuries.
  • Easy to adjust the dose rate on digital keypad for accurate dosing.

Additional Information

Weight 4.000 kg
Dimensions 44.00 × 33.00 × 13.00 cm


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