Terramycin Pinkeye Aerosol 125gm

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Terramycin Pinkeye Aerosol 125gm


    • Terramycin® Pinkeye Aerosol contains oxytetracycline hydrochloride 2 mg/g in a non-CFC propellant.
    • A broad spectrum ANTIBIOTIC for treatment of eye infections of animals and in particular pinkeye conditions in cattle and sheep.
    • Terramycin® is effective against Moraxella bovis and Rickettsia conjunctivae and has activity against a wide range of secondary invaders including Mycoplasma conjunctivae.
  • Eye infections of all animals including infectious keratitis (pinkeye) of cattle and other infectious agents associated with these diseases. Bacterial wound contamination.

  • Terramycin® Pinkeye Aerosol is:

    • Highly effective at treating the common eye infections in cattle
    • In a convenient aerosol formulation
    • Flexible, with no meat or milk withholding period
  • Presented in an aerosol containing 125g of spray.

    • Shake can well. Hold a hand span away from infected eye and apply directly. Repeat treatment 3 times daily until complete resolution of condition. This pack provides approximately 40 applications each of two seconds duration.
    • To prevent spread of infection:
      • Treat all affected and in-contact stock.
      • Individual animals should be isolated.
      • Avoid dusty environment.
      • Control flies.
    • Storage:
      Store below 30°C (room temperature). Store in original container.
    • Withholding Period:
      • Meat:
      • Milk:
    • Schedule:
  • Aerosol is highly flammable. Do not incinerate or puncture the can when empty. Use in a well ventilated area.

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