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Sterimatic Universal Adaptor

Sterimatic Universal Adaptor

The Sterimatic system is used with a wide variety of different vacccination guns,offering added protection for the user and increased needle hygiene. As it is designed to be compatible with the largest possible number of different vaccinators, the Sterimatic usually requires the user to remove the Needle Nut from their gun. Once this needle nut is removed, the needle is just pushed onto the needle nib and the Sterimatic sleeve is fitted over the top of the needle. The disadvantage of this setup is that there is nothing really holding the needle in place beyond the force used to push it onto the nib, which can result in the needle coming loose during regular use.

To prevent this from happening Sterimatic have reently developed the new Sterimatic Univeral Adapter (see below) to fit all common vaccinators*. These adapter pieces are now in stock and can be used with any vaccinator that doesn’t feature its own adapter.

To find out whether you need the Sterimatic Universal Adapter for your chosen brand of vaccinator, send us an email on or call us on (03) 5448 8942.

*Not required with the Masterline Vaccinators which can be supplied with their own specially made adapter.

For more information, please visit this articles web page.

Sterimatic Universal Adapter

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