Water Dosing Consultancy

Just over ten years ago now Dave Roberts recieved his first certification for Water Dosing Equipment. After training with technicians at the Gator factory in Florida, he was given the well-deserved (yet humorous) title of Authorized Gator Handler.

Since then he has laboured constantly to improve his skills and knowledge in the area, travelling to the USA and UK on numerous occasions. He has helped countless farmers find the ideal dosing package for their needs, not to mention installing many of these dosers on farm.

In order to better serve the needs of the growing Water Medication market, Think Livestock is now offering Dave’s services as a specialized Water Dosing Consultant.

This service will not only be available to those who have purchased (or are intending to purchase) Think Livestock’s dosers, but anyone who is seriously considering the water dosing alternative. For a very reasonable fee, you can now utilize his wealth of experience to make an informed decision on water dosing.

But before you have to pay anything, you can have a FREE initial phone consultation with Dave. During this consultation, Dave will answer any preliminary questions you have about dosing, and then ask a few of his own to get the information needed to quote you on the cost of visiting your farm.