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Masterline Animal Health Applicators

Masterline Animal Health Applicators

If you need animal health applicators that are tough, but still versatile enough to be used for different jobs on the farm, the Masterline Range ( sold exclusively in Australia by Think Livestock) is the best choice you can make for your medication delivery needs. The following features are shared by the applicators in the Masterline Range:

  • Precision German Manufacture- The Masterline Range are made in Germany by Henk-Sass Wolf who are a world-leading company in the design and manufacture of medical devices for both human and animal health.
  • Versatile- All Masterline Vaccinators can be used as either tube-feed or bottle mount, and a variety of accessories are available to allow Masterline applicators to be used for many different jobs on the farm.
  • High-Quality Components- Masterline applicators are made from high-quality plastic and in many cases, stainless steel components.
  • Spare Parts- All Masterline applicators are supplied with a full set of spare parts, and additional parts are always kept in stock by Think Livestock.

If you’re ready to make the change to long-lasting and versatile applicators on your farm, take a look at the products listed below for more information on the specific products that interest you.

Think Livestock Safety Vaccinator 2ml
MasterLine Quick Fit Bottle Mount Vaccinator F-Grip
Masterline F-Grip Transformer Vaccinators
MasterLine Quick Fit Bottle Mount Vaccinator V-Grip
Masterline Back Bottle Mount Vaccinator
Masterline Drench Gun

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