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Pigeon Vaccination Kits

Here’s how to work in with other Pigeon owners to share a pack of vaccine

We’ve developed a special kit for pigeon owners which allows you to work in with other pigeon owners to share the large quantity of vaccine and just use what you need. Now you and a number of your friends can share a large pack of vaccine and do it easily.

Here’s how it works: Each of you buys their own standard kit which includes a 0.5 mL HSW Eco-Matic bottle mount auto vaccinator, an empty sterile sealed 50 mLbottle a 30mL disposable syringe and a pack of 12 x 20guage x 1/2 inch needles.

When you are ready to vaccinate, each pigeon owner uses a brand new clean needle and their own disposable syringe to draw out the vaccine quantity they need, then deposits it into his sterile bottle.Vaccine transferred into these bottles needs to be stored in a refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees (the same as the larger pack) until ready to be used.

When you are ready to use the vaccine, simply push the bottle onto the spike on the top of the gun, and the gun is set to 0.5 mL (or whatever your vet has recommended) and deliver the medication to each bird quickly and effortlessly. DONE!

Of course, if you’re not sure about any of the procedures to do with vaccination, we strongly recommend that you speak to your own veterinarian. In some States you are required to get a permit from your Vet before you can purchase the vaccine.
The items pictured are the ones included in our standard kit. You can add extra items if required depending on how many birds you need to vaccinate.

1) • A plastic 0.5 mL adjustable multi dose bottle mount bottle mount vaccinator

2) • An empty 50 mL sterile glass bottle sealed with a rubber bung on top. These are also available in 100 ml, and both sized fit perfectly onto the bottle mount vaccinator mentioned above. You need to order 100 mL seperately if required

3) • A sterile disposable syringe to use for drawing out the required amount of vaccine from the large 500 mL vaccine pack, and then putting it into your glass bottle. Standard supply is a 30 mL disposable syringes but other sizes are available on request.

4) • Needles. The standard kit has a tray of 12 x 20 guage x 1/2 inch needles. We can also offer 20 g x ¼ inch or 20 g x ½ inch disposable needles (in packs of 100 needles per box), or else trays of 12 stainless steel reusable needles in either 20g x ½ inch or 21 x ½ inch.

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