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Vaccinator for Piliguard & Ovastim

Vaccinator for Piliguard & Ovastim

HSW Ecomatic Bottle Mount Vaccinators available from Think Livestock

Think Livestock offers 2mL HSW bottle mount vaccinators designed to administer Ovastim and Piliguard perfectly.

HSW Bottle Mount Vaccinators are fast fit applicators that are designed for quick loading and unloading of Ovastim bottles.

These applicators are also suitable for administering Piliguard by Coopers, a vaccine to prevent pink eye in cattle. Both the 20mL and 100mL packs of Piliguard also work perfectly with the same applicator.

Both Ovastim and Piliguard are being used right now by farmers, with the products available in 100mL bottles that are a perfect fit for the 2mL HSW bottle mount vaccinators.

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