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Changing the dosing ratio on a Gator

One of the features of the Gator XL water powered doser that farmers like is that it is a simple, set-rate pump.

Most Gators are sold as a 1:100 (1%) pump. This simply means that for every 100 litres of water going through the Gator on its way to the drinker nipples or drinking trough, 1 litre of medication will be added.

There is an option that allows you to double the speed of medicatio delivery. This can be useful when smaller numbers of animals are being treated, or when the medication needs to be delivered more quickly.

Changing your Gator from a 1% ratio to a 2% ratio is very simple to do, by replacing the 1% chemical pump with a 2% version. The steps to change a Gator over are as follows:

  1. Unscrew the 1% cartridge.
  2. Remove the 1% quick clip piston.
  3. Fit the 2% quick clip piston.
  4. Fit the 2% cartridge.
  5. Remove the chemical filter from the old cartridge.
  6. Refit the cartridge onto the 2% chemical pump.

That’s it! Your Gator will now deliver at a ratio of 2%, which is twice as fast as it was dosing previously. For every 100 litres of water going through, 2 litres of medication will be delivered.

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