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Alphamites DW

Alphamites DW

We are pleased to announce Australia’s first-ever natural solution for red mite control!

Red Mite Impact

  • Agitation of the hens which may lead to serious consequences such as loss of production, anemia and cannibalism.
  • Weakened immune system
  • Reduced laying performance
  • Spotted eggs, reduction in egg size
  • Increased mortality
  • Skin irritation for farm workers

Including the usual treatments, red mite infestation can easily cost you 67 cents per layer, per year.

Alphamites DW – How does it work?

It works by making the blood indigestible to the mites, thereby depriving them of their feed. With Alphhamites DW you can turn your layers itself into living, breathing red mite repellents.

Key advantages:

  1. Natural solution – Alphamites DW is made from plant extracts and, as such, is non-toxic to chickens, the user, and the environment.
  2. Doesn’t create resistance.
  3. Dramatically reduced labour – Alphamites DW is administered via drinking water, thus removing the need for time-consuming manual spraying of layers.
  4. Low addition rates – 500mL per 1000 litres of water during use.
  5. Fast acting – You will start to see the results within 1 week.
  6. Cost effective – Cost of treatment is lower than using chemical sprays, including the negative impact of those sprays on performance.

If you have red mite problems on your farm, please contact our friendly staff for more information.