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Alphacid L

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Product Description

Alphacid L

A Safer, more efficient organic acid product.

Alphacid L is one of Think Livestock’s new organic acid products for Pigs and Poultry. It is a high-quality, concentrated product; for efficient and cost-effective drinking water acidification.



Alphacid L is a very efficient and cost-effective product. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Low addition rates – From 1:2000 up to a maximum of 1:750
  2. Easily administered using our unique range of dosing equipment (see Select Doser)
  3. Reduces the water pH to 4 (and less)
  4. Based heavily around Lactic Acid, a very strong organic acid.
  5. Promotes more efficient digestion by stimulating enzymatic activity in the stomach.


  • Decontaminating effects in the water with both bateriostatic and bateriocidal actions.
  • Contains an anti-biofilm agent for breaking up biofilm in the water line and preventing their recurrence.


Finally, Alphacid L is highly buffered to prevent dangerous levels of pH reduction.

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