Automed Essentials Package

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Product Description

Automed Essentials Package

We know the importance of finding the right balance between animal health and growth, as well as your return on investment. With its unparalleled speed in automatic medication delivery, data recording, weight based and fixed dosing, as well as robust design, the automed delivery device is your key to success.

The most compact and versatile delivery device ever

With the automed device you can say goodbye to manual dosing, and hello to saving time, energy and money!

The device has been designed and built with the user in mind. With its sleek, compact design, the delivery device is easy to hold and use. The delivery device connects to adapters for injection, oral and drench, pour-on and intra-nasal, so everything you need fits comfortably in your hand. The range of automed adapters means you can do all of your medicating with only one device. It’s suitable for:

  • Injection
  • Oral Drenching
  • Pour-on
  • Intra-nasal Delivery

The ultimate tool for every livestock type

The automed device is suitable for Beef, Pork, Dairy and Sheep. No matter the size of your operation, medication type or delivery frequency, automed will help you see results like never before.

An ergonomic design that is built to last

We value the need for a product that will run perfectly, time and time again. We have tested the automed device through the harshest of conditions, to make sure it will always work for you. With it’s light-weight, ergonomic design, and long lasting battery life, you won’t want to put it down. Key features include:

  • Water Resistant.
  • Wi-fi Connectivity.
  • 8 hour battery life and short 1 hour charge time.
  • Low 500 gram weight.

More than just a delivery device, it’s a complete solution

We believe growth should be affordable, and you should never have to buy the same tool twice.

Designed to automate the entire process of medicating livestock, dosing is just the beginning. The automed system also records treatments, manages inventory, integrates with scales and RFID readers, as well as your livestock management system.

Please Note

Please keep in mind that all dosing adapters for the device are sold separately. If purchasing online, make sure to also purchase the appropriate adapter for your needs.

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