Ewe Beauty All Seasons

Olssons Ewe Beauty All Seasons

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Product Description

Ewe Beauty All Seasons

20kg Block

An animal’s performance is limited by the quality of feed, and even the best looking pastures can lack the nutrients needed for stock to really thrive.

Olsson’s Ewe Beauty All Seasons is an advanced protein block containing a balanced array of trace elements, vitamins & minerals.
This supplement provides targeted supplementation for sheep grazing all types of pastures in all seasons, supporting:

  • bone development
  • milk production
  • wool growth
  • reproductivity

Added benefits include:

  • increased lambing survival rates
  • decreased stock loss
  • optimized feed conversion.

Ewe Beauty All Season’s block form is weather resistant and regulates the intake of nutrients, meaning the sheep can only consume nutrients as fast as they can absorb them. This leads to healthier animals, and a healthier wallet.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 26 cm