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SolarGRO Spray System ( 12v DC Only)

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Product Description

SolarGRO Spray System ( 12v DC Only)

Note- SolarGRO is simply a modified version of our COOLGRO xp which can run off a 12 Volt battery coupled to a Solar charging unit.


The SolarGRO is a simple, cost-effective control device for Spray and Drip cooling systems in pig farms:

Simple: The SolarGRO consists of a control unit (with 3 dials), 1 or 2 Solenoid valves, and a temperature probe.

Versatile: The unit can be used to control both spray cooling systems (for Growers) and drip cooling systems (for Sows)

Reliable: This model of SolarGRO has been a market leader in spray control systems in Pig farms since 2005


Did you know:


  1. Continuous spraying doesn’t actually work to keep pigs cool. It is the cycle of spraying and evaporation that cools down the pigs.
  2. When managed correctly, spray cooling can increase growth rates and improve feed efficiency and potentially reduce mortalities.
  3. Did you know that drip cooling of your sows in the farrowing crates can also be controlled by your SolarGRO and it can greatly reduce heat stress for sows, makes them more comfortable and potentially reduces the number of overlays


The SolarGRO can actually manage this to ensure that you are effectively cooling your pigs. It’s also a dead simple system with the minimum number of working components, so there is not a lot that can go wrong. SolarGRO makes sure the sprays or drippers come on automatically at the right temperature and spray or drip for the right time cycles.


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