Just like to pass our thanks onto you regarding the Te Pari gun. It has become invaluable to us as part of our health programme for any cattle on the place. As we administer a high volume oral dose the biggest challenge we found using standard guns was the arm soreness from manually reloading and guns failing. We use it for a combined molafos or molasses, water, apple cider vinegar and organic minerals.

The cattle do so well on this and giving a measured oral dose meant that we knew each animal had a definite dose, so we were reluctant to withdraw it. Just 2 days ago we used this for a new load of cows. We were able to use a dosage of 297 ml with absolute ease. We used standard guns for a low dosage pour on and oral fluke. Our worker absolute loves the gun. It works well with the standard Phillips hook, cleans up easily.

Many thanks Dave and good luck at Henty Cheers Louise and Alan

Louise and Alan Kelly


Thanks so much for sending on the tubing for use with the drench gun. It makes life so simple that my animals were drenched not only with selenium, but then with a wormer because I could!
I appreciate your quick assistance with this and have been boasting to everyone who listens about my new guns. You can expect more business as a result.

Regards Judy Peterson, Fernridge Alpacas


Vaccinated all our alpacas with your FABULOUS gun on the weekend was very pleased with the gun was so time saving.

Regards Judy, Tujays Alpacas, SA


Fantastic vaccinator safe and easy to use. Sterimatic is very safe – would not vaccinate without one.
Think Livestock – good advice, prompt reliable service. Quick delivery.

Thanks. Edward Nisbet, sheep farmer using a Prima Tech Vaccinator with the Sterimatic system


We vaccinate safely using the Sterimatic, which we can recommend. We use the Sterimatic for all vaccines and it is quick, safe & effective. It solved our OJD vaccination worries.

Jutland Valley, T&M McKenzie, Mt Pleasant, SA


With 1800 sows and progeny on more than 10 farms, we have needed to medicate the water on numerous occasions, through many different systems. We have never found a doser that has worked in all environments all the time to give a consistent and reliable result, until we purchased a Select Doser.

With its inbuilt capability of being powered by 12 volt and extremely accurate dosing, we have achieved consistent, trouble free results in all environments, with minimum use of medications. Our staff really like it, because they know the job will be done right first time.

Jeremy Whitby, QNPH Marketing


I have used my “Gator” for about 6 years and have recently purchased a second unit because of the benefits I have received from using the first one. I have a 200 Angus breeding herd and have used stock supplements for the past 17 years.

I have not used chemical drenches for the past 15 years. Accurately medicating the stock water with mineral and biological supplements over a week or longer is far more effective and economical than bringing the cows in for an oral supplement.
The “Gator” is a brilliant piece of engineering that appears to me to be bullet proof and the cost of the unit is impressive. I’ll be soon purchasing my third “Gator” to service my last mob of cows and calves. Stock supplements are definitely the way to go to improve herd health and adding these to the stock water via a medicator is just so easy and accurate.

The “Gator” is simply a great machine!!

John Kane, Coleraine