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Can you use an automated dosing system on your farm?

Can you use an automated dosing system on your farm?

In Australia, some people still believe that water dosing systems (such as the Dostatron, Gator, Select Doser, etc.) can only be used on large, intensive operations such as pig and poultry farms, where livestock are kept in fairly close quarters.

This is not the case.

We have designed, customized and installed a number of dosing systems for use on sheep and cattle farms. The big application that a lot of people have used them for is nutritional supplementation.

Does any of the following apply to your farm?

  • Water Supply: Is it pumped from a bore, river or irrigation channel? Is it mains water or does it come from a dam or tank?
  • Delivery around the farm: Is your water delivered under pressure or does it feed down from a raised tank?
  • Injection Point: Do you want to dose all the water on your farm or would you rather isolate single troughs at a time? Would a doser need to be moved from place to place?
  • Electricity: Would you need a doser to run off water pressure alone or would there be some form of electricity available (mains, battery, solar)?
  • Pressure: Do you haveĀ either very high or very low water pressures?
  • Drinking Points: Do you have control over what water your stock drink from (eg. Troughs)?

If any of the above applies, we can recommend a suitable water dosing system for your farm.

What to do next?

If you would like some more information, check through our growing collection of informative articles on water dosing. We are always happy to speak to you via phone or email too.

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