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Needles 18g x 1/4″ ( box of 100 needles)

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Available in boxes of 100 needles. Consistent Length. Precision ground cannulas- Very Sharp.



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Product Description

Needles 18g x 1/4″ box of 100 needles

  •  The 18g x 1/4′ Needles are Available in boxes of 100 needles
  • For use with the Safeshot and Sekurus vaccinators
  • These needles are sterile, and individually packed in sealed canisters. When using with either the Safeshot or Sekurus guns, the container cap is used both to fit and remove the needle. This totally removes any need for the operator to ever touch the needle itself when loading or unloading needles. This makes the procedure of needle fitting and removal much safer.
  • Consistent Length.
  • Precision ground cannulas – Very sharp.

Additional Information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 7 cm


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