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Drinking Water: An overlooked threat to farm biosecurity

Of the many steps Australian farmers take to improve the biosecurity of their farms, one significant threat is often not taken seriously enough. The provision of safe, clean drinking water is hugely important to the prosperity of any livestock farm. The costs, in terms of productivity losses and mortality, of not doing so can be astronomical.

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Special guest to attend Sheepvention in Hamilton

Andreas Dürler

Andreas Dürler has worked with the German company Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH since 2018. He is responsible within Henke-Sass, Wolf for veterinary products including all sheep and ruminant products. Andreas holds a German degree as a business economist.

He is also involved in the development process of several products for HSW including vaccination guns, drenching and pour-on guns. Andreas will be available at the Think Livestock stand for the entire period of the Sheepvention in Hamilton and will be happy to answer questions and to receive feedback on the performance of the products of Henke-Sass, Wolf.

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Animal Husbandry Equipment

Animal Husbandry Equipment

As you may already know, we specialize in medication delivery equipment. We have put together a fantastic range of these products and would confidently compare our gear against any other brands on the Australian market. But did you know that we also sell general animal husbandry tools and consumables?

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Tube changing with Select Dosers…Why does it matter?

Tube changing with Select Dosers…why does it matter?

Many types of dosing pumps just can’t handle the delivery of aggressive chemicals such as acids or chlorine. The corrosive effect of these products on lesser plastic and metal components makes them a difficult job to handle. Due to this, peristaltic pumps like the Select Doser are the obvious choice to dose these more chemically aggressive products into water.

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