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Think Livestock provides liquid strring equipment for dosing a range of chemicals such as minerals, medicines, chlorine and fertilisers into water.

The Spinstir liquid stirrers use a magnetic follower positioned in a bucket of chemical solution. When in operation a motor inside the box causes the magnet to circulate at great speed, consistently stirring the solution. Continue reading Spinstir

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Sterimatic Universal Adaptor

Sterimatic Universal Adaptor

The Sterimatic system is used with a wide variety of different vacccination guns,offering added protection for the user and increased needle hygiene. As it is designed to be compatible with the largest possible number of different vaccinators, the Sterimatic usually requires the user to remove the Needle Nut from their gun. Once this needle nut is removed, the needle is just pushed onto the needle nib and the Sterimatic sleeve is fitted over the top of the needle. The disadvantage of this setup is that there is nothing really holding the needle in place beyond the force used to push it onto the nib, which can result in the needle coming loose during regular use. Continue reading Sterimatic Universal Adaptor

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Needles for the Sekurus safety vaccinator from Think Livestock

Neogen needles for the Sekurus safety vaccinator from Think Livestock

The Sekurus vaccinator has been widely promoted in the industry for use with reactive vaccines. Whilst Think Livestock don,t actually sell this brand of vaccinator themselves, they are the only supplier in Australia for the needles that are recommended for use with these vaccinators. Continue reading Needles for the Sekurus safety vaccinator from Think Livestock

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Why delivery of minerals to livestock via water achieves optimum results

Written by Roger Martyn

One of the observable differences between New Zealand and Australian pasture based production systems is the adoption of inline water mineral delivery systems. These are now very common in New Zealand situations, for the introduction of different medications into stock water supply.

Continue reading Why delivery of minerals to livestock via water achieves optimum results

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Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV) in Australia

Pigeon Paramyxovirus ( PPMV)

In Australia pigeon owners are vaccinating there flocks against the Avian Paramyxovirus, some having little experience at vaccinating birds.

Even those who had experience at vaccinating had to deal with minimum pack size being 500ml ( 1000 pigeon doses). In an effort to help make this process easy for them, and to help lower the cost of the vaccine through “pack-sharing” we soon devleoped our Pigeon Vaccination Kit.

This kit contains everything needed by each breeder to allow them to decant the amount of vaccine they need for their own flock form a (500ml) pack of the required vaccine. So if a group of breeders each purchase their own kit, they are able tos hare out the vaccine without contaminating the main pack.

Think Livestock are stocking a small supply of the killed vaccine, Poulvac.

For more information, please visit this articles web page

Pigeon Vaccination Kit