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Hydrometers for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths

Hydrometers for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths

Zinc sulphate testers are used by sheep farmers to check the concentration level of zinc sulphate in sheep foot baths.

The product consists of a small glass tube with an enclosed weight to keep it standing upright in a container holding a sample of the footbath solution. The tube is marked by level indicators. The higher the concentrationof zinc sulphate the more buoyancy is created so the tube floats higher up for the higher concentrations and sinks lower down for low concentrations. The farmer just needs to read off the height level against the surface of the water to determine the remaining concentration of zinc sulphate.

  • Allows the farmer to keep the Zinc Sulphate level as close as possible to the recommended 10% level.
  • Maximises the effectiveness of the footbath treatment.
  • Reduces the excess costs of wastage associated with overdosing the footbath.


These specialised hydrometers quickly indicates if solutions have become weak or if they are too concentrated. If the concentration of the Zinc Sulphate in the footbath drops to below 10%, the footbath mixture is too diluted, and will no longer work as well as it should to achieve the aims of the intended foot treatment. If the concentration is too high, the farmer is wasting money, but also raises the risk of burning the sheep’s feet.

If used twice daily in footbaths these specialised hydrometers will reduce wastage in chemicals and help to control the footrot problem.

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