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Technical Difficulties

We are currently experiencing a few technical difficulties with our landline phones. We can neither make or receive phone calls. Our Telephone provider assure us that they will fix the problem as quickly as they can, but our managing director has no patience for phones (or phone companies) that don't work as advertised.If you need to get in touch with us urgently try Dave on 0417127321 or Brodie on 0428127321Hey Telstra! This is how WE connect…

Posted by Think Livestock on Thursday, 25 June 2020
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Hand Sanitiser clearout

At customer request, Think Livestock has until now; been stocking hand sanitiser. However, as this is not a mainstay product for us; we have decided to clear-out our remaining stock.

Hand sanitser 75% 500ml bottles, are available for our cost price of $13.00 EX gst. Previous purchase limits have been removed, and orders will be served on a first come, first serve basis. Once supplies are gone, we won’t be restocking; so if you need any, now is the time to buy at a steeply discounted price.

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COVID-19 and Think Livestock

A message from our managing director, Dave Roberts – Updated June 5th 2020

Hi there.

We want to thank all of our customers for your patience and cooperation during the temporary lockdown of our premises due to Covid-19. While we have now reopened our store in Huntly, I must stress that we are continuing to maintain vigilance in protecting both you and our staff during your visits to our premises. We ask that you continue to do the following:

  • Sanitise your hands on entry to the store with the complimentary hand sanitiser inside.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and our staff (or other customers) during your visit.
  • Do not come to the shop in person if you or any of your family members are feeling unwell.

We can easily organise delivery of nearly all of our products directly to you, wherever you are; either by post or courier. For locals around the Huntly and Epsom area, we may even be able to deliver pre-paid orders to your door. If you have any questions call our office on (03) 54488942.

Warm Regards,

David Roberts

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Hydrometers for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths

Hydrometers for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths

Zinc sulphate testers are used by sheep farmers to check the concentration level of zinc sulphate in sheep foot baths.

The product consists of a small glass tube with an enclosed weight to keep it standing upright in a container holding a sample of the footbath solution. The tube is marked by level indicators. The higher the concentrationof zinc sulphate the more buoyancy is created so the tube floats higher up for the higher concentrations and sinks lower down for low concentrations. The farmer just needs to read off the height level against the surface of the water to determine the remaining concentration of zinc sulphate. Continue reading Hydrometers for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths

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HSW Eco-Matic Applicators

HSW Eco-Matic Applicators

If you want plastic vaccinators, drench guns or injectors that are both tough and reasonably priced, Think Livestock is now the exclusive Australian Distributor for the Eco-Matic range from German manufacturer Henke-Sass Wolf. These applicators are made to meet the tough standards of the European market and all share the following features. Continue reading HSW Eco-Matic Applicators

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Why delivery of minerals to livestock via water achieves optimum results

Written by Roger Martyn

One of the observable differences between New Zealand and Australian pasture based production systems is the adoption of inline water mineral delivery systems. These are now very common in New Zealand situations, for the introduction of different medications into stock water supply.

Continue reading Why delivery of minerals to livestock via water achieves optimum results