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Needles for the Sekurus safety vaccinator from Think Livestock

Neogen needles for the Sekurus safety vaccinator from Think Livestock

The Sekurus vaccinator has been widely promoted in the industry for use with reactive vaccines. Whilst Think Livestock don,t actually sell this brand of vaccinator themselves, they are the only supplier in Australia for the needles that are recommended for use with these vaccinators.

The Sekurus comes complete with a small number of sterile, individally packed stainless steel needles which are designed specifically for vaccines purposes. These needles are manufactured by US company Neogen Corporation and are strongly recommended by Think Livestock as the only needles that should be used with the Sekurus safety vaccinator and the recently released, Safeshot vaccinators.

“This vaccinator was developed to minimise the risk of accidental needles stick injuries to the operator while vaccinating stock”, said Dave Roberts, managing director of Think Livestock.

“During its development a particularly strong and sharp brand of needle was used, which has now seen extensive use in the field with a number of vaccines”.

These needles are available in boxes of 100 needles which are supplied in individual sterile canisters. These canisters can be used like a spanner when either fitting or removing the needle without the need for the operator to touch any part of the needle.

For more information, please visit this articles web page. ***Link to Needles 18g x1/4″

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